Saturday, May 21, 2011

The social sides of social community

The social side of the social community answers to those already following and those about to follow,the social sides are many but i'll look at these few virtal points.:
* meeting members of the social community ,this is how it work, when you click the picture of the those already following you see his blogs posts,links, you can send him message.
*Ask and answer questions: when you ask a question, you can contact the member who provides the best answer.but not by advertising your business if you are reported you will be deleted. If you want to advertise your business ask about it in questions,and give correct answer if no could do that but for sure google will give right answer. We are contacting yahoo to join us.
*Invite your friends by sending them email with this url ' ' ,when you sign into this community remember via friend connect check the navigation, where you are asked to invite your netlog friends, and others. So invite them.
Let your friends enjoy the fun too.

I must thank those already following to always use this free tools to make sells,get their site seen,brand yourself, and those who are about to follow blog follow via friend connects and enjoy the fun.

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